Vertical Smoker

Innovative Wood-burning Vertical Smoker and Charcoal Grills

Sale Price:

2×2 (16 sq. ft. Cooking Surface) $3499
3×3 (37 sq. ft. Cooking Surface) $5450
4×4 (67 sq. ft. Cooking Surface) $7200

  • Our most Advanced cookers to date.
  • The most even-cooking and user friendly smokers we offer.
  • Smoke Briskets, Charcoal Steaks or Smoke Sausage all on the same unit.


Stainless Steel cooking racks quoted on request!!! 

We offer 3 models of our Vertical smokers, they are built on the same design and are virtually mimics of one another except for dimensions. I will list the specs of our 2×2 below. The specs of the 3×3 and 4×4 cooking surfaces are listed above with the price.

The 2×2 is basically a 2ft wide 2ft deep by 6ft tall unit. The firebox is insulated on the bottom with 1.5” thick concrete and contains (2) 6×4” vents on each side of the firebox for ample inlet flow. In between the firebox and main chamber is a 2” thick insulated plate to shield the bottom racks of the smoker from excess heat radiating from the firebox underneath. The heat and smoke are transferred into the main chamber via 4 inlets. Two inlets are set low in the smoker and 2 inlets are set midway up from the bottom of the main chamber. This allows for even heat distribution within the main chamber. The main chamber consists of 5 slide out racks measuring 20” by 22.5” giving you around 15.75sq feet of cooking surface which is quite a bit of room considering the footprint of the smoker. Also on each slide is a custom made hanging rod bracket allowing you to hang your own sausage, jerky, or even smoke your own ducks, geese, or turkeys. Included with the hanging brackets are hanging rods allowing you to load up a lot of sausage. The hangers are completely adjustable, slide them in at whatever space apart you like. See photos for pics of some of the hanging rods installed.

Also, included is a completely sealed charcoal pan for grilling steaks on the bottom racks of the smoker, simply open the side grilling vents in the left and right bottom of the main chamber, fill the pan with charcoal, let it turn white and start grilling.

The pan is welded solid also for the purpose of acting as a drip pan or water pan at the bottom of the smoker. It alleviates a lot of hassle with cleaning afterwards. Simply pour the grease out of the pan and you’re done.

These vertical smokers are designed and pre-tuned to run within 5 degrees from top to bottom on all the cooking racks in normal conditions and usage. No adjustments are needed. The inlets are set to keep the smoker running more evenly and do not allow for large swings in temperatures when adding logs. On normal smokers, when you add wood you must be careful not to add to much which runs your temps to high. These vertical smokers are designed that you can add more wood than you need and with the insulation plate separating the firebox and main chamber you will not get fast temp swings or falloff when the smoker is running low of wood. These verticals react very slowly to changes in temps and wood inputs making for a more relaxing cooking experience. Hence, you can go longer periods of time without checking the smoker. This all being setup in a unit that takes up less space on your patio than a normal sized chair!

They are the most even cooking and user friendly smokers we offer. They are not affected by the wind and run at more even temps than any other smoker we build.


Main chamber door and firebox door are lined with flat-strap for less heat escape. Spring handles on vents and doors to keep hands from getting burned etc. Dual Temp gauges. 1200-degree high heat paint. Personally pre-seasoned with Pecan wood.


All in all this is a very efficient unit. The main chamber and firebox are constructed from 3/16” heavy gauge steel. It will last a very long time with the insulated firebox bottom and 2” thick insulation plate separating the firebox and main. This unit is the most even cooking machine we offer and is setup to take up a small footprint on the patio and to be easily operated.


I can have your initials, ranch brand, or logo cut out with a computer driven plasma cutter and positioned on top of this rod above the pit for your own personalization.


This smoker can be shipped via LTL freight. Depending on where you are located freight cost will be between $200-$400 in most normal cases. Contact me if you are looking at getting this smoker shipped to you. I would like to talk to you about the process before we even get started on shipping times and hard quotes. Send me an email with a contact number.