Concession Gooseneck

  • Brand New BBQ Concession Trailer
  • Reverse Flow Smoker
  • Charcoal Grill
  • Slow Smoker

Sale Price:


95 sq. ft. of Cooking Surface


Perfect for side business from home or primary business out on the road. Total trailer length is 38ft including the neck and is custom made to 102” wide. Total height from the ground to the top of the roof is a little over 10ft. It’s sitting on a 14,000lb gross tandem axle trailer. Brakes on both axles, safety chains, breakaway kit, adjustable neck, and LED lights. Half of the trailer is enclosed and air-conditioned and the other half contains a massive 15ft long Reverse flow pit. The enclosed area of the trailer including the enclosed portion over the neck is 19ft long 102” wide and has an 8ft ceiling. The concession house is made with a square tubing frame and 16ga plate on the outside. The inside is completely finished off with FRP, which meets all health codes for cleaning out with a pressure washer. The building is also completely insulated. Diamond plate floor! We decided to not furnish the inside of the trailer with any appliances etc. This leaves the door open for the buyer to do EXACTLY what he or she wants. This area could be used as a preparing/concession building or could be set up to live in. 125amp breaker box Fully wired. As stated above the trailer is custom built to its maximum legal width to give as much room as possible on the inside of the concession building. The usable width on the inside is 97”. This is way more than most trailers available and has a usable inside height of 91”. Once again, useable length including the neck is 19ft on the inside. There is all kinds of room inside this building. 7ft by 3ft door leading into the building and 3ft by 4ft serving window along with four 1ft by 2ft windows for air flow. Air condition mounted on the back wall. The part of the trailer where the pit sits has a Diamond plate floor and is 16ft long 102” wide. There is a foldable 16ft long by 2ft wide serving table running alongside the left side of the pit. Also there is a 5ft long by 28” wide hideaway ramp on the back of the trailer that aids in getting on and off the trailer. See photos. 1ft tall top rail with expanded metal sides. Lights facing toward the pit and out toward the serving area.



32″ Square Firebox 1/2″ Thick Plate.

Slow Smoker

Sitting on top of the firebox is a 30″ diameter Round Smoker/Warmer that is constructed from 1/4″ Steel. It has (5) 28″ circular racks that are mounted on a shaft in the center of the smoker. The racks rotate 360 degrees on the shaft to make it easy to put on and take off meat. See Photos. Also the smoker has an adjustable baffle that allows you to smoke using the heat and smoke from the main chamber. Simply shut the baffle and you have a warmer, or open it and cook. 6″ stack with adjustable rain cap also. 2″ temp gauge.

Main Chamber

The main chamber is 36″ diameter and 9 feet long and made from 3/8″ steel. 3 counterweighted doors and 3 slide out shelves per door. The dimensions on the shelves are 30″ by 34″, 30″ by 33″, and 30″ by 24″. This gives the main chamber about 57 square feet of cooking surface. The main chamber is REVERSE FLOW and the baffles are adjustable to maintain a perfect heat transfer. (If you have any questions about how Reverse Flow works please ask. It is the industry standard for professional cooking.) Next, the main chamber has a 36″ long Gas Assist setup inside the pit that is constructed out of 3/4″ Stainless Steel along with Brass fittings. It is large enough to bring the pit to cooking temperatures by itself!!! Also located inside the pit is 40ft of 3/8 Copper line that coils inside the pit and then comes out of the main chamber. You install a freshwater tank outside of the pit along with a 12v electric pump and use the heat of the main chamber to heat your water instead of having to buy a hot-water heater!!!! The 12v pump is cheap and circulates the water inside the coil of the main chamber. Very efficient and heats the water very fast. DUAL 6″ stacks set at Grate Level with adjustable rain caps. (3) Temp gauges on the doors.

Charcoal Grill

At the front of the pit opposite the firebox is a 3.5ft long by 30″ diameter Charcoal Grill made from 1/4 steel. It has 2 slide out shelves that measure 30″ by 26″ on both, giving an 11 square ft cooking surface to grill on. See Photos, the grill has an Adjustable Charcoal Pan that sits below the cooking racks. You can adjust how close you want your charcoal from your cooking racks very easily. Also the grill is Gas Assisted!!!! 6″ vent on the bottom of the char-grill to service the charcoal…. Now, the charcoal grill also has a baffle that goes from the Main Chamber into the Char-Grill. It allows you to cook using the firebox heat if you do not want to use charcoal, or leave the baffle shut and the CharGrill is independent from the main chamber. You have all the options. 6″ stack with rain cap also if you decide to BBQ on this area. 2″ temp gauge also.


All in all, basically with the baffles throughout the pit, the firebox has the ability and is big enough to cook on the main chamber, Cooker/Warmer, and it can service the Char-grill on the front. So if you wanted to use all your surfaces you have a total of about 95 SQUARE FEET of Cooking Surface. And with the REVERSE FLOW the pit is very efficient. You will not find another pit built from this heavy of material. To sum things up, the trailer is painted with a Metallic Paint and the pit is painted with 1200 degree high temp paint. The axles are set to allow a ½ ton truck to haul the rig. However, once the inside of the concession building is full of appliances etc a ¾ ton truck will be needed to support the tongue weight. The total trailer weight is 10,500lbs.