1000adv Reverse Flow

Reverse Flow 1000 Gallon Monster  w/ Vertical Cooking tower

Sale Price:


Total Cooking Surface Utilizing the Vertical tower for a cook chamber as well:

2 rack per door yields around  96 sqft 

3 racks per door yields around 122 sqft 

4 racks per door yields about 174 sqft 

Pit (Reverse Flow)

Total pit measures 19 ft long. It consists of an 16ft long main chamber. 4 cooking doors with counterweights make opening a breeze. Three slide out cooking racks per door measuring 36” by 36” and 36” by 33” and 36” by 24” giving you right at 94 square feet of cooking surface!!! or 146sq ft if we build a 4 racks per door setup.  The pit is designed with industry standard Reverse Flow. The baffles are made in 2 separate pieces for adjustability. No more hot spots… Contact me if you’d like a description of its characteristics.  There are 2 stacks with rain caps set to pull the heat out at “cooking grate level.” They are 8” in diameter and measure 5ft long. Setting them at the same level as the cooking racks keeps the heat in the cooking chamber longer making the pit burn less wood and making the stacks 5ft long allows for a more sustained draw of smoke from the cooking chamber.

Stainless Steel cooking racks quoted on request!


Sitting on top of the firebox is a 36” diameter by 4ft tall smoker. It is connected to the main chamber by a 6” by 4” vent that can be opened for smoking or shut off completely turning the smoker into a warmer. It also has ventilation to connect it to the firebox to run the heat up to an actual full cooking temperature in the Vertical.  Inside the smoker is 5 rotating cooking racks that have a combined cooking surface of about 28 square feet. The smoker has its own temp gauge, 4.5” stack and spring steel handles.


The pit has a 36” tall by 36” wide firebox with (4) 6” by 4” vents for ample airflow and cooking heat.


Brand new 48” wide by 18ft long tandem axle trailer with custom black paint. 3500lb jack on the front. The Trailer itself is constructed with 4” C-channel, custom positioned 3500lb axles, 2” hitch, safety chains, lights NEW TIRES, and your choice of either Silver or Chrome wheels. For Chrome wheels, lug nuts, and center caps, add $600.
We can also put this smoker on a different size trailer or change the layout, just ask.


All doors and firebox door are lined with flat-strap for less heat escape. Spring handles on vents and doors to keep hands from getting burned etc. Temp gauges, and 8” shelf around the pit etc. 1200-degree high heat paint. Personally pre-seasoned with Pecan wood.


All in all this is a very efficient unit. The ENTIRE rig is constructed from ¼”-3/8″ steel. It will last a very long time and holds heat better than any I’ve seen. The reverse flow system, counterweighted doors, and dual stacks at grate level, all make these pits one of a kind and a super flexible cooking unit. Premium Heavy-duty tandem trailer with ample storage and diamond plate fenders really make this unit complete.


I can have your initials, ranch brand, or logo cut out with a computer driven plasma cutter and suspended on top of the pit for an added touch of personalization. Contact me for details.