24" Vertical

Sale Price:


  • Our most simplistic easy to use tuned smoker
  • Tuned removable baffle plate
  • Water cookers dream
  • Most compact
  • Nice even smoking temperatures

Total Cooking Surface:

8 sq. ft.


This unit is built from new 24″ diameter 1/4″ thick pipe. Firebox with adjustable damper control and cool touch handle. The firebox is separated from the main chamber with a fully welded plate. Heat is transferred into the main chamber through a tuned pipe sized accordingly for the airflow needed for this unit. Once the heat enters the main chamber it is equally distributed inside the main chamber through a removable deflection plate that’s visible in the photos in the bottom of the main chamber. The 2″ deep void that is created between the welded plate and deflection plate can be filled with water to create a heavy steam process will cooking to your liking. Contact us for a detailed description of how this unit operates.

The main chamber consist of 3 removable 22″ racks that can be converted to stainless steel upon request. Total cooking surface is 8 sq. ft.


Main chamber door and firebox door are lined with flat-strap for less heat escape. Spring handles on vents and doors to keep hands from getting burned etc. Dual Temp gauges. 1200-degree high heat paint. Personally pre-seasoned.


All in all this is a very efficient and simplistic unit. The main chamber and firebox are constructed from 1/4” heavy gauge new pipe. This unit can easily maintain a almost perfectly even cooking platform the way its designed and is very efficient on wood consumption. Legs slide in and out for a compact shipping package if needed.


I can have your initials, ranch brand, or logo cut out with a computer driven plasma cutter and positioned on top of this rod above the pit for your own personalization.


This smoker can be shipped via LTL freight. Depending on where you are located freight cost will be between $300-$400 in most normal cases. Contact me if you are looking at getting this smoker shipped to you. I would like to talk to you about the process before we even get started on shipping times and hard quotes. Send me an email with a contact number.