Ultimate Tailgater

Taking our Revolutionary Tailgater Smoker and Charcoal Grill to the next level!

Sale Price:


Fully Loaded version!!!!

  • Chrome Stacks
  • Outside Shelf
  • Dual cooking Racks
  • Gas Assisted
  • Rolling Stand Included


So you want to smoke ribs one day then charcoal steaks the next on the very same pit? Now you can!

Pit (Reverse Flow)

Total pit measures 4ft long and 20” wide. It consists of a 4ft long main chamber that’s 20 inches in diameter. Two slide out cooking racks measuring 42” by 20” and 42″ by 16″ giving you right at 10.5 square feet of cooking surface. The pit has a 20” wide by 16” tall firebox with twin 6” by 4” vents for ample airflow. There are 2 CHROME stacks set to pull the heat out at “cooking grate level.” They are 3.5” in diameter and measure 22″ long. Setting them at the same level as the cooking racks keeps the heat in the cooking chamber longer making the pit burn less wood and making the stacks 3ft long allows for a more sustained draw of smoke from the cooking chamber. With the chrome stacks we have special adjustable dampers built into the stacks on the back of the unit to keep control of your heat. See photos.

Stainless Steel cooking racks quoted on request!!! 

Reverse Flow: The pit is designed with industry standard Reverse Flow; yet with this pit I have furthermore advanced the process by creating a design that takes away all hot spots in the pit. There is no need to adjust anything. It’s a T-design heat flow, instead of the standard offset firebox. The smoke and heat travels up from the firebox and hits a steel baffle that protects the cooking rack from being exposed to direct flames from below. The heat/smoke travels on both the left AND right side of the cooking chamber before it is released upward to the cooking surface. Contact me if you’d like a description of its characteristics. The baffle also doubles as a Charcoal tray. So you can smoke ribs one day then charcoal steaks the next on the very same pit!!!!!!! Shelf addition on the outside of the smoker.


Installed on the left side of the smoker is a single propane burner with special mounting system and heat deflector. Gas hose and regulator ARE INCLUDED. Now you can smoke a brisket with the firebox and your own choice of wood for a couple hours, then simply turn on the gas assist unit and set the temperature to your liking and finish cooking without the hassle of keeping the wood firebox going. This system basically turns this smoker into an Oven!!!! No more babysitting the cooker while your busy tailgating!


The pit is perfectly balanced and made to install in a standard 2” receiver hitch. Take a look at the photos for the unit sitting on a truck. Its built strong yet Two men can lift the pit and put it on the reciever hitch, so there are no structural issues as the pit is well under the capacity of the receiver hitch mount which have a 500lb tongue weight capacity. It has been tested on different vehicles and does not damage your paint on your bumper or tail-gate. You can hold your hand 1″ away from the pit at all times while it is cooking and it will not burn you. Rolling stand Upgrade This listing is for the tailgate pit with the extra heavy duty stand with Steel caster wheels. The stand is custom made to allow for the pit to sit in somwhat like a craddle. You can pull it off your hitch, drop it in the stand and roll it around to your backyard or to the cooking area. We do build this same pit with a stationary stand, see my Other items for that design.


Main chamber door and firebox door are lined with flat-strap for less heat escape. Spring handles on vents and doors to keep hands from getting burned etc. 550-degree Temp gauge and lifting handles. 1200-degree high heat paint.


All in all this is a very efficient unit. The main chamber and firebox are constructed from right at 3/16 steel making it able to be maneuvered by 2 men. It will last a very long time and holds heat better than any I’ve seen. The new T-Reverse flow system, dual Chrome stacks at grate level, dual cooking racks, and added ability to be turned into a Charcoal Grill makes these pits one of a kind and a super flexible cooking unit. This unit is built with the same standards as the large competition style pits that I build that are for sell in other listings. No quality is lost.
There is not another pit like this out there!


Check out the pictures of the pit in the listing, as this pit was designed for a customer with a Dallas Cowboys football theme. The pictures are just to show you what custom work I can do to your pit. I can customize this pit to your liking. Any sports teams, ranch logo, last names, silhouette cutouts etc. Just contact me before the listing ends to talk about any customizations. If you don’t want any, I don’t have to put any on… simple right. As long as it is not something super-difficult to cut out I will do any customization for FREE!!!!


This smoker can be shipped via LTL freight. Depending on where you are located freight cost will be between $200-$300 in most normal cases. Contact me if you are looking at getting this smoker shipped to you. I would like to talk to you about the process before we even get started on shipping times and hard quotes. Send me an email with a contact number.