1D Adv. Patio

Brand New Custom BBQ Pit and Charcoal Grill with Vertical Slow Smoker

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Total Cooking Surface:

15.75 sq. ft.

This is gonna turn some heads around your place. This is basically a competition/catering style smoker that is built on a smaller scale for use on a patio or smaller outdoor cook off.


Pit (Reverse Flow)

Total pit measures 6ft long and 2ft wide. It consists of a 4ft long main chamber that’s 24 inches in diameter. Two cooking racks measuring 36” by 22” and 36 by 17” giving you right at 10 square feet of cooking surface. Sitting on top of the firebox is a 20” diameter by 3.5ft tall smoker/warmer perfect for chickens, links or just keeping things warm. It is connected to the main chamber by a 6” by 4” vent that can be opened for smoking or shut off completely turning the smoker into a warmer. Inside the smoker is 4 removable cooking racks that have a combined cooking surface of about 5.75 square feet. The smoker has its own temp gauge and spring steel handles and adjustable 3.5 inch diameter stack. The pit is designed with industry standard Reverse Flow. Contact me if you’d like a description of its characteristics. I have taken this a step farther and made the reverse flow baffle removable. In doing this you can turn this smoker into a Charcoal Grill. Simply pull the baffle out, insert the 2ft by 1ft charcoal box and start cooking steaks. The charcoal tray receives air from the firebox vents the same was as it would when cooking with wood. Only difference is the charcoal try is positioned in place of the Baffle. The charcoal box is also adjustable to get you the proper heat you desire when grilling steaks etc. See photos for picture explanations. I will try to show a picture of both with the Baffle installed and then with the Baffle out and the Charcoal tray installed. The pit has a 2ft by 2ft firebox with twin 6” by 4” vents for ample airflow. Sitting on top of the firebox is a 8” wide flat surface that is used to cook beans or keep your cooking sauce warm. There are 2 stacks with rain caps on the main chamber set to pull the heat out at “cooking grate level.” They are 3.5” in diameter and measure 3.5ft long. Setting them at the same level as the cooking racks keeps the heat in the cooking chamber longer making the pit burn less wood and making the stacks more than 3ft long allows for a more sustained draw of smoke from the cooking chamber. Entire smoker sitting on 4 all steel wheels for a life long hassle free cooking experience.

Stainless Steel cooking racks quoted on request!!! 

Note: This unit is now built with Flat end caps on the ends of the pipe instead of the rounded ends shown in the photos. We utilize CNC machines to make our units as high quality as possible. The flat ends save shipping cost, allow us to CNC the part for a cleaner fit, and allow for a tighter fitting firebox door on the back. Total operating performance has not changed.  To see a photo of a similar smoker with the flat ends on front and back look at the Ultimate Patio model on our site for an example.  Also please fill free to call to clarify and questions. 


Main chamber doors, smoker, and firebox doors are lined with flat-strap for less heat escape. Spring handles on vents and doors to keep hands from getting burned etc. Temp gauge, and 10” wrap around shelf around the pit etc. 1200-degree high heat paint. Personally pre-seasoned with Pecan wood.


All in all this is a very efficient unit. The main chamber and firebox are constructed from ¼” steel. It will last a very long time and holds heat better than any I’ve seen. The reverse flow system, dual stacks at grate level, and added ability to be turned into a Charcoal Grill makes these pits one of a kind and a super flexible cooking unit. The vertical smoker smokes nice and even and has very easy access with the rotating racks. This unit is built with the same standards as the large competition style pits that I build that are for sell in other listings. No quality is lost.


Directly above the center of the main chamber I can have your initials, ranch brand, or logo cut out with a computer driven plasma cutter and positioned on top of this rod above the pit for your own personalization.


This smoker can be shipped via LTL freight. Depending on where you are located freight cost will be between $200-$400 in most normal cases. Contact me if you are looking at getting this smoker shipped to you. I would like to talk to you about the process before we even get started on shipping times and hard quotes. Send me an email with a contact number.