18 Ft. Kitchen Trailer

Brand New Custom Enclosed Trailer

Sale Price:

$11999+ smoker or your choice 

  • This trailer can be outfitted with any smoker or your own cooking unit on the back.
  • Trailer is shown with a 2x2 Vertical smoker sitting on back of a 18ft trailer just to show scaling, All fully installed units have smoke stacks through the roofs etc.
  • This trailer can be built to any custom length and kitchen/porch length configuration. Trailers 16-24ft in length are fairly standard, contact us for your needs


This trailer can be custom built to any length with any kitchen and porch dimension to house any or our smokers or if you don't need a smoker we can add any kind of equipment on the porch including items you may already have.

Contact us for a custom cost for mounting any of our units on the back or other equipment you need.

Basic example: Base trailer with no smoker is $11999

Please just add the cost of any of our smokers to the base trailer cost to get a final cost with smoker installed.


Brand new 82” wide by 18' long tandem axle trailer with diamond plate floor. The entire trailer is covered with a 7.5' tall white R-panel roof. Solid steel 16ga plate front kitchen area that is 12ft in total length leaving you 6ft worth of porch on this particular unit.

Please understand this is purely a trailer size we chose to build to show an example of its size and put a 2x2 Vertical on the back for scaling purposes. We can build this trailer to house any smoker, and adjust its length to accommodate all the equipment you need. Trailers from 16-24ft in length are a normal build in most circumstances. Outside shelving, awnings, and custom positioned doors are all easily done. Just give us a call for more info.

The interior of the trailer is left open for either you or Johnson smokers to outfit. We can add any equipment you need as well as lighting and electrical etc. There is ample room inside the trailer for adding in sinks, burners, and other accessories of your liking.

The Trailer itself is constructed with 4” C-channel, custom positioned 3500 axles set to match the equipment installed, 2” hitch, safety chains, breakaway kit, lights, NEW TIRES, and your choice of either Silver or Chrome wheels. For Chrome wheels, lug nuts, and center caps, add $500. see pics for chrome vs. silver.